Joys of Parenthood

New parents know the feeling of overwhelm that comes with balancing all the demands of parenthood. Health and well-being of their little one is the top most concern of every parent. While we are surrounded by the knowledge over-bloom, finding the right piece of advice is a matter of chance. Our family, friends, Doctors, internet, parenting books can exhaust us with their unsolicited parenting advices. Happy Hums simplify this conundrum by telling you what matters to you the most. Daily tips that help ease your life a little bit, tips that adapt to your changing needs and baby’s growth. Milestones that are easy to read and understand and that are developed while keeping in mind that every baby is different and have their own growth patterns. If growth charts leave you scratching your head than try our tool that are easy to understand and maintain your baby’s growth records. We also advise on routine immunization schedule for your baby so that you can track these in tips of your fingers.

We hope our little effort would help ease those parenting qualms a bit and concentrate more on what you do the best and experience the Joys of Parenthood in its true sense.

Home Screen

Home Dashboard

This screen gives a snapshot of all the useful information you would want to know in a glance. How your baby’s growth percentiles measure up, your baby’s pending milestones and vaccines based on their age and daily tip that customizes to your baby’s age.

GrowthCharts Screen

Growth Charts

Enter and track your baby height, weight and head measurements on a particular date and the App would calculate the baby’s percentiles as per CDC standards. The values also get plotted on a graph that gives you a pictorial view on your baby’s growth pattern over a period of time.

Milestone Screen


Easy to understand expected milestones based on your baby’s age. You can add notes, pictures to the milestone as keepsake memories. Also the App alerts you to critical milestone for an age that should be met and advises on if there are any conversations related to milestones that you should have with your pediatrician.

Vaccinations Screen


Quick check list for advised vaccines based on your baby’s age. Due dates for each vaccine is also mentioned so that you are in control of your baby’s immunization schedule. This schedule is developed based on CDC recommendations.

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